Microsoft workstations

As part of our continued efforts in protecting the University against the cyber-attacks currently taking place worldwide, we are proactively updating all Windows workstations connected to the University network with the latest Operating System patches. The activity will start on Friday, May 19 and continue into next week until all workstations have been updated.

Your normal daily activity, services and applications should not be affected by this activity. Users can continue working normally on their machines. The entire update should only take a few minutes to complete for each workstation. MAC workstations do not appear to be affected at this time.

Following the update, a message will appear on-screen with a prompt to close all applications and restart the computer.  This message will only disappear once the computer has been restarted. If a workstation has already been updated, no actions will be executed and no message will appear.

If you are not connected to the University network at the start of the activity, the update will automatically initiate the next time you connect to the network.

Given the seriousness of the situation, and the potential damage this cyber-attack can cause, we are reminding everyone to be vigilant when dealing with unsolicited electronic communications, links and attachments. The best way to protect yourself from major data loss is to have a proper backup of important work files. Your co-operation is greatly appreciated and essential in keeping the University safe against cyber-attacks. If you have questions about this update, contact the Service Desk.

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