IMPORTANT: Cyberattack warning

Posted on Monday, May 15, 2017

Warning: There is currently an increase in ransomware cyber-attacks worldwide.

Ransomware blocks access to a computer and/or its files by encrypting them until a payment is made to obtain a decryption key.

We recommend that you be hyper-vigilant. When using email, take caution not to open unsolicited attachments or click on unsolicited links. It is also recommended that you update your anti-virus/malware software to the latest version and your computer’s operating system has downloaded the most recent updates/patches.

You can download the latest Windows updates from the following Microsoft site:

For personal computers, we recommend that you download Sophos Home, a free anti-malware software and make sure it is updated daily.

If you, your faculty or service has been affected by a ransomware virus, contact the Service Desk at ext. 6555 immediately.

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