Information Technology semi-annual townhall - fall 2015

Posted on Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The Information Technology semi-annual townhall was held on September 29, 2015.

Campus master plan, proposed outcome
Claudio Brun del Re, Executive Director of Facilities, presented the new Campus Master Plan highlighting the planned expansion the University has in the works. Staff heard about construction that is currently in progress, how the campus fits into the City’s light-rail development, and plans for growing the University campus, including possibilities for mixed-use buildings and new social and green spaces. Noteworthy was how the 5 structuring elements will mesh together; you can read about in more detail on the web. Near the end of his talk, Claudio got a good laugh from the audience as he used the tech savvy notion of “vaporware” with respect to some of the ideas presented.

Campus master plan, proposed outcome Lees station

CIO Danielle Levasseur presented a mid-year review of some of Information Technology’s transformational initiatives, including: Drupal Migration, Identity and Access Management (IAM), Academic CV, SIS Replacement, Information Security Program, and Stabilization of IT Infrastructure. For each initiative, Danielle provided a high-level project overview and deliverables, roadmap, and status dashboard. These projects are mostly progressing according to the project plans, with the exception of the IAM project.

Information Technology staff with questions or comments about the September 29, 2015 townhall can submit them online.

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