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Purchase your course packs online: it’s quick, easy and now available to all registered students. Pick up your course packs at one of our docUcentre locations.

Here is the step of how to do it:

  1. Check if your course packs is available here
  2. If your course pack is available, continue to ReproBoutique
  3. Sign in in your uoZone


How to print a Course Pack

  1. Collect all sources, print specific page ranges required, organize documents in desired order, and create index.
  2. Determine which sources are likely protected by copyright – see Alternatives to copyright – as well as which can be used under Exceptions to copyright. Note: please make every effort to ensure that most, if not all, of your sources fall under an exception, such as fair dealing, are licensed, or are not protected by copyright.
  3. For any materials obtained in electronic format from the Library catalogue, check to ensure that the University’s licence does not prohibit reproduction of the materials in a course pack – see Using electronic resources. If so, these may not be used.
  4. Fill-out the Copyright Materials Log [PDF] as well as the docUcentre's Request for Reproduction of a Course Pack [PDF].
  5. Bring your printed sources, as well as the filled-out PDFs, to the Copyright Office [contact information below] or any docUcentre locations. Should you wish to discuss the content of your course pack, please contact a Copyright Clearance Officer by telephone or email, or to book an appointment. 

If the exact same course pack was used for a previous semester, all you need to do is fill out the docUcentre's Request for Reproduction of a Course Pack [PDF] (must provide the session, year, and bin#) and e-mail it to the Copyright Office.

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