Digital Self-Defence Training

Self-Defence training

Digital Self-Defence training has started. You are the University of Ottawa’s first line of defence in IT security. Training is now available to ensure you are well-equipped and know how to protect not only yourself but also the entire organization against cyber-attacks. Be aware. Stay secure.

What is IT security awareness training?

The University collects, stores, and transmits electronic information of sensitive nature to enable various University-related functions. Securing information and protecting electronic devices against attacks and malware are vital to the safety of the University’s core business activities and its resources. Learn about the latest online threats and malware and how you can spot and defend against them. The training covers a range of topics that are related to your various roles and responsibilities at the University. Every module you complete makes you stronger and the University more secure. This training is mandatory for all non-teaching staff members.

What is included in the training?

Digital Self-Defence training is comprised of 13 short modules. The topics covered include:

  • Data confidentiality: privacy, passwords, personally identifiable information, social networks and data security.
  • Data integrity: Social engineering emails, messaging and browsing.
  • Device security and incident reports.

Who should take this training?

All permanent, full-time, non-teaching staff members must complete the training.

How can you access it?

Access to the training is provided by invitation only, for permanent, full-time, non-teaching staff members.

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Online training help

  • I did not receive an invitation.
    An email from will have a direct link to the training. If you did not receive the email, you may not be eligible for the training. Registration for the online training is offered every few months, register for the next session.
  • The training system says I’m not eligible for the training.
    You may not be eligible for the training. Registration for the training is offered every few months, register for the next session.
  • The system did not save my progress.
    If you exit a module prior to successfully completing the quiz, you will need to restart the module. Avoid switching languages during the training, as you lose the progress made during your session.
  • Didn’t receive your certificate?
    You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours.
  • Workshop is not appearing as ‘Completed’ in the system after I complete the training.
    It may take up to 24 hours for the change to appear in the system.
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