Digital Self-Defence Training

Awareness training will soon be available regarding IT security and what can be done to ensure that we adopt safe IT practices in our daily work. Best practices will be demonstrated through a series of short videos.

What is IT security awareness training? The University collects, stores, and transmits electronic information of sensitive nature to enable various University-related functions. Securing data and protecting electronic devices against attacks and malware are vital to the safety of the University’s core business activities and its resources. As threats and malware are constantly evolving, it is essential that all staff members of the University are aware of how to apply best IT security practices.

What is included in the training? Digital self-defence training is comprised of short videos available online from HR’s website. The topics include:

  • Data confidentiality: privacy, passwords, personally identifiable information, social networks and data security
  • Data integrity: Social engineering emails, messaging and browsing.
  • Device security and incident reports

Who should take this training? All non-teaching personnel must follow the training.

When will it be available? Digital self-defence training is scheduled to start Spring 2017.

How can you access it? The training will be added to the list of mandatory training on Human Resources website.

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