Research Information Committee

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  • Make recommendations to the Council to ensure that the IM/IT initiatives and projects that are undertaken are aligned with University’s strategic research priorities, initiatives and activities.
  • Ensure both research and research administration initiatives and activities are appropriately supported by IM/IT initiatives and services.
  • Provide feedback, input and identification of impact on institutional IM/IT initiatives and projects on research priorities and initiatives.
  • Bring forward areas of interest to the committee.
  • Adoption/change management (act as champion).
  • Communicate with respective team on upcoming IM/IT initiatives.

Terms of Reference


The Associate Vice-President, Research Support & Infrastructure is the Chairperson of the Committee.

The Committee meets every six weeks and/or at the call of the Chairperson. 


Half the members plus one constitutes a quorum. 


The committee reports to the University Information Governance Council.


Secretarial services are provided by the Office of the Secretary-General.


  • ​​​​​Associate Vice-President, Research Support and Infrastructure (chair) – Guy Levesque
  • Dean – Marie-Ève Sylvestre
  • Dean – Louis Barriaults
  • Dean – Wojtek Michalowski
  • Researcher – Lora Rammuno
  • Researcher – Constance Crompton
  • Vice-Dean Research, Faculty of Social Sciences, School of Psychology – John Sylvestre
  • Executive Director, Research Operations and Strategies – Terry Campbell
  • Associate University Librarian, Research Services – Caroline Hyslop
  • Director, Centers and Institutes – Florian Martin-Bariteau
  • Director, Research, Trust and Endowment – France Boucher
  • IT Manager, Research – Paul Mercier
  • Director, Information Management – Céleste Dubeau
  • Affiliated institutions – Gareth Palidwor
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