What MAM changes

The only thing managed is the Office 365 experience. Read more to find out what this means for you. 


What changes for you?

MAM What changes for you


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Mail after enrolment can only be accessed on MS outlook (only applies to mobile devices, smartphones and tablets).



What doesn’t change for you? 

MAM does not affect other controls of your device such as: 

  • The choice of software you install on your device 
  • The 3rd-party apps you give access to your camera and files  
  • The websites you can visit with your browser 
  • Resetting the password on your device 
  • Outlook contacts can be shared with your iOS contacts too 
  • If you only want to use your device for MFA, then you don’t need to enroll. However, if you want to access University data or emails, you will be prompted to install the Company Portal app. 
  • You don’t need MAM for applications that have single sign-on (SSO) 
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