What is seen by MAM

Looking through a magnifying glass

MAM is not used for monitoring or controlling specific activities on mobile devices. The University is committed to protecting the privacy and the confidentiality of the personal information of its employees in accordance with the University’s Policy 90 – Access to Information and Protection of Privacy. All device information that is accessed for business purposes follows the proper security protocols for accessing information. Consult Microsoft’s website for detailed information.

What can be seen

What can never be seen

  • Device model   
  • Device manufacturer   
  • Operating system and version   
  • App inventory and app names. (On personal devices: managed app inventory, on corporate devices: app inventory in your work profile)   
  • Device owner   
  • Device name   
  • Device serial number   
  • International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI)   
  • Calling and web browsing history   
  • Email and text messages   
  • Contacts   
  • Calendar   
  • Passwords   
  • Pictures in the photos app or camera roll   
  • Files   
  • For corporate-owned devices with a work profile, the applications and data in your personal profile   

What is user selectable 

  • Users can add their personal AppleID to the device​
  • Apps, calendar, email, contacts, notes, can be added
  • Contacts on iOS can be synced with Contacts app​
  • Contacts for Android will create a contacts apps in Work Profile​
  • Exchange notes are in OneNote app under Sticky Notes​
  • Notifications are allowed​​


For people using their personal devices, MAM does not see any information. 
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