Unix Account Request Form

If you are a webmaster here at the University of Ottawa, you can have access to any of the Unix servers available at CCS, by filling out the following form. By doing so, you will have :

  • a Unix and a MySQL accounts (using the same name but different passwords)
  • the MySQL Database
  • an alias in the Apache server to point to your /var/www/html/http/<account> and /var/www/html/https/<account> for standard (http) and secure (https) pages respectively.

For convenience, links are created in the user's home directory pointing 
to those location called http and https, i.e.
/home/<account>/http points to /var/www/html/http/<account>
and /home/<account>/https points to /var/www/html/https/<account>

Your MySQL account will have full access to the database to create, modify, delete, etc., as many tables as you wish.

You should not use any hostname in these html files, i.e., use all relative addressing. 

Please fill out the form to obtain your unix account.

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