Change your encryption PIN on a Windows 7 computer

Process to change Windows BitLocker Drive Encryption PIN for your Windows 7 machine

Before you start

  • To change your PIN, you need to have administrator privileges on your Windows 7 workstation.
  • If you have had the workstation security optimization applied to your computer, you are not an administrator of your computer (non-administrators).


Changing PIN on Windows 7 for Non-Administrators

  1. Access the Self-Service Centre or call Service Desk (613-562-5800 ext. 6555) and with the following information:
    •  identify that your have a computer that is encrypted
    • using Windows 7
    • Forgot your PIN/wish to change your PIN.
  2. If you are currently unable to access your computer, the Service Desk will provide you with a recovery key so that you can continue working.
  3. An analyst will be dispatched to your office to assist you in setting a new PIN for your workstation.


Changing PIN on Windows 7 for Administrators

  1. Open the Start menu by clicking on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen, or pressing the Windows key on your keyboard. Click on the menu item Computer.

    Open start menu


  2. Right click on the Local Disk (C:) and from the menu click on Manage BitLocker. Note, your disk may be named something other than “Local Disk”.
    Right click on Local disk
  3. A window will open. Click on the Reset the PIN option.
    click on the Reset the PIN option
  4. Enter your new PIN and confirm your PIN. Click on Set PIN to continue. This new PIN is now active, and you will be required to use it from this point forward when you start your computer.
    Click on Set PIN
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