What to know about DocuShare 7

We have moved to DocuShare 7 – the newer version of DocuShare! This new version comes with features that are user friendly rendering the user experience seamless. It does not change the way you access your documents on the website nor your login information or your content. The main difference is the look and feel of the new version. Below we have highlighted some of the main features of DocuShare 7.

  1. New look: The new interface offers a new design style that includes new icons and a central image that can be used as a banner. 
  2. Drag-and-drop: The new web interface offers speedy, convenient drag-and-drop of many files at once, uploading them with a click into DocuShare from any desktop.
  3. Responsive Web UI: DocuShare’s new web interface allows smartphone and tablet access, and the Mobile App lets you access, manage, share, and print content from any Android or iOS device.
  4. Download of multiples documents: download multiples documents into a single zip file with a single click.
  5. “Recent” tab: Displays documents and objects recently modified in current location.
  6. Quick Search: You can now search for collections and email messages on quick search page
  7. Search: Searching is an integral part of the new design, the search is embedded within the new version at the top centre of the page and the advanced search button is easily accessible from the home page.
  8. Customize emails notifications: Change the content of your notification
  9. Personal views: Display specific properties for any DocuShare object (Collections, Documents, Discussions, etc.).
  10. Content Rules Made simpler – these are configurable workflows that allow users easily to set automated actions that occur when an event happens – by specifying a series of steps to automate for a document

Check out the new interface for yourself.

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Check out the new Interface


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