Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Access Management
Q1. How do I get a DocuShare account?

To obtain a DocuShare account, you need to place a request through the IT Service Desk at ext. 6555 or by completing the Service Desk request form. Once your account is created, the Service Desk will assign your ticket to the DocuShare administration team to create a folder structure or to provide access on DocuShare.

Q2. Can I know who has access to my documents?

Yes. Go to the properties of the document by clicking on the Properties icon, you will see the options for "Permissions". Click on it and that will give you a list of people and groups who have access to your documents as well as their access rights.


Q3. Can I give access to my external clients / partners?

Yes. Access in DocuShare may be given to uOttawa staff as well as clients and partners not belonging to the University. To get the accounts created, please contact the Service Desk at by completing the Service Desk request form or calling extension 6555.

Q4. Can I set specific permissions to a file on DocuShare?

You can set specific permissions to any object in DocuShare. Permissions can be inherited from the parent collection or stand-alone. That means you can specify permissions for a file to a group and not have that file accessed by other users.

Q5. Can I share a document in DocuShare without having the user access the DocuShare system with a username and password?

Yes. Giving appropriate "Guest" permissions to the document in question will allow users to access it without having to log on. This means, the document is now publicly accessible from the outside. It is important to note that public access allows the document to be accessible via a simple Google search on the Internet .

Q6. How can I change the language of DocuShare?

DocuShare is bilingual. By default, it is displayed in the preferred language of your browser. In order to modify your language preferences so that it appears in French, follow the instructions below:

  • Internet Explorer (IE)
    • From the tools menu, select "Internet Options", click on the "Languages" button in the "General" tab, move up your preferred language in the "Language Preference" window and click on "Ok".
  • Chrome
    • From the "Customize and control Google Chrome" menu, select "Settings", click on "Show advanced settings", select "Language and input settings", order the languages based on your preferences and click on "Done".
  • Firefox
    • From the Firefox drop down menu, select "Options" and click on "Options". In the "Content" tab, select "Choose" under the "Languages" section, order your languages in terms of preference (add French to the list if it is missing), and click on "Ok".
  • Safari
    • It is not possible at this time to change the preferred language in Safari once the browser is installed. The only way to change the browser's preferred language is to change the local language of your operating system. We recommend that you use a different browser if you want to display DocuShare in another language.
Q7. How to assign permissions?

In order to assign permissions, go to the object (collection, document, etc) you want to assign permissions to. 

  1. Click on three dots to open the More actions... menu and then on Permissions 
  2. On the Permissions page click on the Change Access List button.
  3. On the Change Access List page, search for the users you want to give access to. If you can't find users, then they most probably do not have an account in DocuShare. Therefore, submit a ticket to the Service Desk to have them create it.
  4. When you find the user you'd like to add, click on their name and then on the Add button 
  5. Click Update Access List and on the next page click the button Apply.

Note: this action can only be performed by an someone with manage permissions or by the owner of the content

Document Management
Q1. How much space am I entitled to?

Every user is entitled to 5 GB of storage space, and the upload size for individual files is limited to 800 MB. If you have additional space requirements, contact the DocuShare Team for more information.

Q2. What types of documents can I add in DocuShare?

Most file types are accepted in DocuShare. Here is the complete list of accepted file extensions in DocuShare.

Q3. I deleted my documents accidentally. Can I still recover them?

Yes. All deleted documents are kept in the DocuShare trashcan for six months. If a document has not been recovered after six months it will be permanently deleted. To recover your deleted files, select "My DocuShare" in the "My Links" section and scroll down to "Personal Trashcan". Select "Document" from the "show" dropdown. This will show you all the documents that were deleted. Select the document you would like to restore and click on "Restore" from the "Action" menu.

Q4. What is "check-out" and "check-in"?

“check-out” and “check-in” are collaboration tools that enhance working together. When a user checks out a document, it is locked for other users and only the user who has locked the document can modify it. Once the user is done modifying the document, he/she needs to check in the document. This action will unlock the document for other modifications and update the current version of the document on the DocuShare server. Users can check the different versions of a document by clicking on the "Version History" tab on the Properties page.

Q5. Can I add multiple documents at once?

You need to have the DocuShare client installed on your computer to add multiple documents at once in DocuShare. The DocuShare client is a plug in that allows users to access DocuShare from their computer.

Once you have the DocuShare client installed on your computer, you can add multiple documents at once by doing a drag and drop or copy and paste action. If you do not have the DocuShare client, you can contact the IT Service Desk by completing the Service Desk request form or calling extension 6555.

Q6. What collaboration tools exist in DocuShare?

DocuShare has a variety of collaboration tools, including workspaces, weblogs, discussions, document routing, notifications, calendar, and "check-out" / "check-in" functions.

Q7. Where is the DocuShare solution hosted?

DocuShare is hosted and managed by Information Technology at the University of Ottawa (including servers and maintenance).

Q8. How does the DocuShare search functionality work?

The search functionality in DocuShare searches throughout the site and individual objects as well as within the documents. It is not limited to the metadata; it extends the search to the text within a document file, providing more accurate results.

Q9. Can I manage my department collection? Who manages DocuShare for departments?

We encourage every faculty and service to have a DocuShare champion so that users can independently manage their DocuShare solution themselves. If you would like to become a DocuShare champion, please secure the approval from the appropriate supervisor in your sector, and contact our team to initiate the process. 

Q10. What is metadata?

Metadata is a type of data used to identify an object. It holds information that describes an object and is used to improve search results. For example, when you upload a document, you include the summary, description etc. These fields are metadata information that describe your document and are essential to generating accurate search results.

Q11. How to add / remove item from favourites?

To remove an item from your Favorite follow the steps below:

  • Log in to DocuShare and click on “My Favorites”.
  • Click on “Manage Favorites” icon
  • Check the item you want to remove from your favourites and from the “Edit selected” menu choose “Remove Favourite”
  • Click on “Confirm”

To add an object to your Favourites, follow the instructions below:

  • Find the location of the object you want to add as Favorites
  • Click on the Favourite icon in the actions button of the object

This action will turn the Favourite icon colour to yellow and a message will appear at the bottom of the page in green confirming that the object has been added in your Favourite.

Q12. How to create a group?

To create a group, simply click on the "Users & Groups" tab located in the bottom right corner of the page and select "Add Group" on the left menu.

DocuShare Drive (Windows Client)
Q1. What is DocuShare Drive (Windows Client)?

DocuShare Drive (DS Drive) is a tool that integrates with the Windows operating system, and allows access to DocuShare from your desktop, MS Office applications and Outlook without having to go through the Web. The DS Drive allows files to be dragged and dropped directly from one's computer to DocuShare and vice-versa, it also allows files to be accessed from the “Open” and “Save” commands in Windows.

Note: The DS Drive is only available for Windows operating system.

Q2. How can I get DocuShare Drive installed on my computer?

Please contact the IT Service Desk by completing the Service Desk request form or calling extension 6555 in order to request installation. Alternatively, if you have administrator rights on your computer, you can install it directly by clicking on the installation package named "DSDriveSetup_1.5.2.30_x64_en" for English or "DSDriveSetup_1.5.2.30_x64_fr" for French in the DocuShare collection “DocuShare Support Documentation”.

Q3. I am having trouble with DocuShare Drive on my computer. Who do I contact?

For any issues regarding DocuShare not being accessible from your computer, contact the Service Desk by completing the Service Desk request form or calling extension 6555.

Q4. What browsers are compatible with the DocuShare Drive?

Internet Explorer is the only browser that is compatible with DocuShare Drive.It is recommended to use version 6 and higher.

Q5. Is there a DocuShare client for Mac operating system?

There is currently no DocuShare client for MAC OS. However, there is a DocuShare Application available from the Apple store that will work with most Apple devices.

DocuShare Application for Apple products
Q1. How do I download the DocuShare Application on my iPad, iPod or iPhone?

Go into the App Store and search for “DocuShare”. Select the “Xerox DocuShare” application and install it.

Q2. I am not able to login to DocuShare using my iPad, iPod or iPhone but I can login on my computer

Make sure you enter the below information carefully on each field which is also found on the “Mobile Client Settings” page in DocuShare:

Name Value
Domain uottawa.o.univ*
Username uoAccess ID (short name before your email address)
Password uoAccess password

Server Address






Xerox DocuShare Server

Service Document


Use DocuShare Email


Use DocuShare Print


If you are from Facilities please use the settings below:

Name Value
Domain uottawa.o.univ*
Username uoAccess ID (short name before your email address)
Password uoAccess password

Server Address



Domain uottawa.o.univ*




Xerox DocuShare Server

Service Document


Use DocuShare Email


Use DocuShare Print


* Select "DocuShare" if you do not have a uOttawa account

You may also find screen shots that will help you enter the information above rightly

Consultation & Training
Q1. Where can I find a DocuShare user guide?

The DocuShare user guide is available in the "DocuShare Support Documentation" collection, or by clicking on the following link.

Q2. Who do I contact regarding training?

Contact the DocuShare team to discuss your training requirements. Note as well that the requester will be responsible for booking the room where the training session will take place.

Q3. I need someone to evaluate my document management needs. Who do I contact?

Please contact the Service Desk for this type of request.

Service Desk

Q4. What is the cost associated with getting a DocuShare account?

DocuShare is absolutely free. Information Technology (IT) has purchased licenses for all University of Ottawa employees (academic and support staff) and students.

Q5. I need to set up electronic forms. What is the process?

Please contact the DocuShare team to discuss the procedure regarding electronic forms.

Q6. I have a project that requires workflow automation. Can DocuShare help us with this?

DocuShare is equipped to provide workflow automation capabilities. Please contact our DocuShare team to discuss if DocuShare is suitable for your requirements.

For any other questions please send us an email at this address.

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