Getting Started (How to access DocuShare)

To get started with DocuShare you need to follow the steps below:

1. Request a DocuShare Account

To access DocuShare you need an account to be created. In order to request your account contact the IT Service Desk directly.

2. Login to DocuShare & browse content


3. Access DocuShare from your Computer

To access DocuShare from your computer, you need to have DocuShare Drive installed. DocuShare Drive is a plug in that allows users to access DocuShare from their computer. To have the DocuShare Client installed, please contact the IT Service Desk by completing the Service Desk request form or by calling extension 6555. Once it is installed, you may follow the instructions below:

  1. Find the DocuShare Drive icon under "Network Location " under "Computer". It will be mapped as a network location (see screen capture below)



“At the Registrar, we have been using DocuShare for the management of our data since autumn 2014. It was a positive change that has modernised the way we approach our content management. Document searches, version history, notifications by email and access from an iPad are features that have transformed the way we manage our documentation at the Registrar. Thank you to the DocuShare team for their excellent support!”

Registrar, SEM

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