Frequently Asked Questions

How can I have my FNEA changed?
What happens when there is more than one person with the same name?

In situations where more than one person has the same name: after the first FNEA is created, a modified FNEA will be created manually for each additional person and emailed to them.

What should I forward my external email to?

You may forward email from external email addresses to either your FNEA or your Mailbox address.

What address will be published in the Employee Directory on the Web?

If your current published address in the Employee Directory is your Mailbox address ( then your FNEA will eventually replace it. However, if your current published address is or an external email address, then your FNEA will NOT replace it.

We encourage you to check your entry on the Employee directory page to ensure your information is complete and accurate. If changes are needed, please send them to your sector coordinator.

What should be on my business cards?

Once you have used up your existing business cards, we recommend that your next order have your FNEA displayed on them.

Can I subscribe to a listserv using my FNEA?

Yes you can. To subscribe using your FNEA:

  1. Configure your email client so that your FNEA is displayed in the From: field of your outgoing messages.
  2. Subscribe to the listserv as you normally would.
Since reconfiguring my e-mail client to use my FNEA, I can no longer post to the listserv that I am subscribed to. Why?

When you subscribe to a listserv, the listserv recognizes you by looking for the address that is displayed in the "From:" field of your message. When you originally subscribed to the listserv, you probably had your Mailbox address ( in the "From:" field. Now that you have changed the configuration of your email client to display your FNEA instead of your Mailbox address, the listserv no longer recognizes your messages.

To resolve this problem, you must:

    1. Subscribe to the listserv using your newly configured email client that displays your FNEA in the "From:" field.
    2. Reconfigure your email client so that it displays your Mailbox address in the "From:" field.
    3. Unsubscribe from the list using this configuration.
    4. Once again, reconfigure your email client so that it displays your FNEA in the From: field.
    5. You are now subscribed to the listserv using your FNEA.
Is the new FNEA case-sensitive?

Email addresses are not case-sensitive. The capitalization is for appearance only.

I prefer my Mailbox address. Do I have to use my FNEA?

No. You may continue using your existing Mailbox address.

Once your FNEA is listed in the Employee Directory on the Web, you may choose to replace it with your Mailbox address. To request this change, contact your sector coordinator.

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