uOttawa LiquidFiles

uOttawa Liquidfiles is an online secure file transfer service to facilitate sending large and/or confidential and sensitive files/folders to any email address securely and quickly.


  • Send files/folders up to 10 GB in size
  • Can send a wide variety of file formats
  • Track receipt and download of files sent
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Increased security in sending files/folders. Files are encrypted and are automatically deleted after seven days.


When to use uOttawa LiquidFiles

Use LiquidFiles to send:

  • very large files/folders. Exchange accounts can only send emails up to 25MB in size.  Through LiquidFiles, users can send files up to 10 GB.
  • secure and/or confidential information. Through the service, files are automatically encrypted, logged and scanned for viruses and malware. There are also options to enable authentication for added security. Access to files expire automatically after five days and restrictions can be placed on forwarding to others.
  • requests for files/folders. Easily request files and folders from others. Files are shared easily and securely.
  • different file types. Through LiquidFiles you can send a variety of files types that cannot be sent by traditional email. To provide added security to our users, we have only blocked the following file types: exe, vbs, pif, scr, bat, cmd, com, cpl).
  • files where you need a delivery confirmation. Receive confirmation emails and access logs of when LiquidFiles emails are opened and files are downloaded.


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