Introduction to Information Technology services for employees


Information Technology provides many academic and administrative computing facilities. These facilities offer a wide range of services to employees, faculty, and students.

VirtuO is the University’s central gateway to many secured services such as the AlumBoutique, class lists, and request for leave.

Accessing the Internet

Access the Internet from your office and from wireless areas on campus:


Request computing accounts such as email:

Types of accounts available:

Changing your password for other accounts

Full Name Email Addresses

Accessing your Email

Changing your email password

University of Ottawa Email Account Management System:

Forwarding your (Mailbox) Email

University of Ottawa Email Account Management System:

Setting a vacation message

Enabling the anti-spam feature

PC purchases

You can purchase a desktop or notebook computer for your office or home at reasonable prices. More.


Consulting services

Consultants can perform a needs analysis and recommend solutions to your computing problems. You can reach them through a Service Desk Request.

Telephone services

Where can I get help?

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