POLYCOM SoundStation EX conference phone available for your use. Among its features, the SoundStation Ex

  • covers more than double the area of standard conference phones
  • includes a telephone keypad and three built-in one-way microphones
  • has a console with two sockets for external microphones
  • comes with "mute keys" on the microphones and console unit and with unique dual-color LEDs that indicate on or mute status with green and red lights.
  • is relatively easy to connect (a single cord connects the compact console to a wall plug or universal outlet that contains both power and telephone jacks).

One key tip: When using the SoundStation EX, make sure the call participants are three to six feet from a microphone, regardless of room size, table shape or number of participants.

What You Need To Use the System

  • An analog or digital phone service. If you have NT8009 analog set you do not need to order analog service since you already have it.
  • If you're using MITEL telephone models Superset 401, 420 or 430 you will require a digital-to-analog convertor. (The digital-to-analog converter is available from Information Technology.)
  • For conference calls where a participant wants to walk about, the Wireless Microphone System (not available from Information Technology), to allow for more freedom of movement without compromising the exceptional sound quality.

To Borrow the SoundStation

  • Reserve the machine at least 48 hours before the event so we can ensure maximum availability of the unit. Remember, it's always best to reserve well in advance.
  • Pick up the machine at our offices and return it within 24 hours after your conference call. (Our offices are at 110 Seraphin Marion, on the first floor.)

What if I need someone to deliver and install the machine?

A service charge of $60 applies. It offsets the cost of delivery, installation and pick-up.

If you would like to know more about how to use the SoundStation EX for your next audioconference or if you encounter problems, contact the Service Desk.

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