Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I access my voice mailbox from outside the University?

  • dial the University's main number 613-562-5800
  • press 7000
  • press * followed by your mailbox number
  • once you hear your greeting, press *
  • once prompted by the system, enter your passcode

Q. I changed my greeting message but when someone calls me they hear a different message?

You have activated the conditional personal greeting option.

  • access your voice mailbox
  • press 8 for user options
  • press 4 for your greeting
  • press 3 to change your message from the conditional to the primary greeting option
  • press 9 to save

Q. How can I skip a voice mail greeting?

  • press 6

Q. How can I leave a quick message without calling the person?

  • press 7000
  • press * followed by the voice mailbox number you are calling
  • record your message
  • hang-up

Q. How can I call another extension number when in someone's voice mailbox?

  • press # and the four digit extension number
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