How to Make Overseas Calls

A. How to Make a Call

011+Country Code + City Code + Local Number
for calls you make yourself

01 + Country Code + City Code + Local Number
for calls made person-to-person
for calls using a phone card
for calls with third-party billing
for collect calls

B. Getting Operator Assistance

To get assistance from an operator, call "0".

The operator can help you find the right country code or city code, provide overseas directory assistance, or help make your call.

If you are having difficulty reaching an operator, see note #1.

C. Overseas Locations

For a list of frequently-called overseas locations, consult the Ottawa/Hull Bell Canada telephone directory (white pages 40, 41). City codes are not required for locations indicated by an asterix.

There are time differences in this list. The listed time variances are approximations and are based on Eastern Standard Time.

It may take up to 45 seconds for an overseas telephone to ring.

Overseas ringing and busy signals are often different from those in Canada

NOTE 1: If you are unable to reach an operator when you dial "0", it is probably because call restrictions have been placed on the telephone set.

NOTE 2: Overseas calls are billed at Canadian long distance rates, according to the rates the University of Ottawa has negotiated with its long distance service provider. Note that students in residence are excluded from this contract.

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