Pay Phone TTYs

Effective August 1, 1998 there will be four pay phone TTY devices installed on campus.

The pay phone TTY is a communication device allowing deaf or hearing impaired people to communicate with others and vice versa.

The four TTY machines will be installed at the following pay phone locations at the University of Ottawa :

  • Tabaret Hall, InfoServices (across from the waiting area)
  • University Centre, on the promenade, between the Presto and Vezina Opticians
  • Colonel By Hall, lower level, close to the auditorium, adjacent to Room C03
  • Guindon Hall, (Faculties of Medicine and Health Sciences) lower level at the bottom of the stairs, main entrance

The Pay Phone TTY is designed for use with a public telephone and does not interfere with standard use of the phone.

The TTY device is housed in a vandal-resistant metal drawer and dependant on the manufacturer it can be mounted beneath the public pay phone enclosure or between the pay phone and the top of the shelf.

How to Use the Motorized Ultratec M240 Pay Phone TTY:

  • Place the telephone handset in the special cradle mounted next to the pay phone, or set it on the shelf
  • Dial the number you are calling and watch the signal light on the front of the metal drawer.

    This light will indicate whether you have a dial tone, a ring or a busy signal.

  • When the party you are calling answers with a TTY, the drawer will open. If it remains closed, press *** on the telephone keypad to launch the TTY Announcer . The announcer will produce a synthesized voice repeating the message, "Hearing impaired caller, use TTY" until the TTY signal is received.
  • Type your message to the person you are calling and read his or her response on the display.
  • When you are done, replace the handset. The display will flash "Drawer Closing". After the drawer closes, the conversation will be cleared from the memory. To keep the drawer open, press any key. It will remain open as long as you are using the TTY.

In Case of An Emergency

  • Use the pay phone to initiate a call to Emergency Services by dialling "911" (regional 911 operator).
  • Do not use the "free call" to Protection Services as indicated on the pay phone scrolling panel because there is currently no facility available to answer the TTY.

Reporting Problems with the TTY Pay Phone Device

The pay phone TTY is not a device provided or maintained by Bell Canada, though it does install it under contract for the University of Ottawa.

For problems related to the pay phone TTY, please contact

The Centre for Special Services
85 University Private, Room 339,
Box 450, Station A, Ottawa, Ontario K1N 6N5.

ATS/TTY 613-562-5214
Voice 613-562-5976
Fax 613-562-5159

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