Silent Monitoring (ACD Calls) Using a MITEL Superset 420

Obtaining Help from your Supervisor

During an ACD Call :

  • Press the SUPERKEY button on your multi-line set. 
  • Press NO until you see REQUEST HELP? on the LCD display of your telephone. 
  • Press YES. 
  • Enter the extension number of your supervisor (you have 20 seconds in which to do so). 
  • Press ENTER. 
  • If the supervisor is busy you will see BUSY on your LCD display. 
  • If the supervisor answers you will see HELP: NAME OF SUPERVISOR on your display.

What the Supervisor Gets

  • The supervisor will hear A TRIPLE RING. 
  • The supervisor will see HELP: AGENT ID NAME.
  • To respond, lift the handset (the supervisor is automatically in silent monitoring mode).

Choices Available During Silent Monitoring

1. Conference

Press the TRANS/CONF key and you will be heard by the agent and the caller.

2. Exit

Hang up your telephone

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