Vacation Message

If you anticipate being absent for a day or more, you may modify your greeting message. Your bilingual greeting during your absence could be something like :

In French :

Your name and surname. Faculty, department or service
Je ne serai pas disponible du jour/mois au jour/mois inclusivement.
Je pourrai vous répondre à mon retour le jour/mois.

(S'il y a un poste en suppléance pendant la période)
Pendant mon absence, vous pouvez communiquer avec 
name and surname au 562-5800, poste xxxx.

In English :

Your name and surname. Faculty, department or service
I will be away from day/month to day/month inclusively.
I will respond to your message when I return day/month.

(If there is a temporary replacement for the period)
While I am away, you may communicate with
name and surname at 562-5800, extension xxxx.

Click here for a printable quick reference chart of the Voice Messaging System

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