MAM Security

A hand holding a digital image of a lock and shield

MAM offers peace of mind to owners of mobile devices who work with University data and applications on smartphones and tablets. These devices often follow us everywhere, contrary to desktop computers, and as such, are more vulnerable to IT security breaches. This is where Mobile Application Management helps protect data. If a device is inadvertently forgotten somewhere or stolen, University data can be remotely locked and/or wiped to protect student, employee, financial, research and business information. Information assets and identity are removed without affecting the personal data or applications on the mobile devices. 


With the addition of the MAM app on your device, you may be concerned about the privacy of your photos, files and other personal information particularly on personal devices you own. Application management is separated into two categories:  

  • University-owned devices 
  • Personally owned devices (Bring Your Own Device / BYOD – employees use their own devices for work purposes).  


The MAM configurations and standards for each have been reviewed by the Security Architect and Chief Privacy Officer to ensure they are compliant with the University’s information security and privacy policies, such as with policy 90, Access to Information and Protection of Privacy.  


Note that as with any information that relates to the business, mandate or functions of the University, Microsoft Intune (MAM) data may be subject to a FIPPA request. Nothing changes in that respect; personal information, employment-related information or teaching and research material is subject to FIPPA exemptions or exclusions. 

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