Microsoft Internet Explorer

  • Open Internet Explorer
  • Click on the Tools Button at the top-right of your browser window ( for older versions click on the Tools menu)
  • Click on the Internet Options menu item from the drop-down menu
Mircosoft Internet Explorer1 - Change the default language


  • The General tab should already be selected, if not select it
  • Under the Appearance heading, click on the Languages button
Microsoft Internet Explorer 2- change the default language
  • To add a language: click on the Add button, select a language, then click on the OK button
Microsoft Internet Explorer 3- change the default language
  • To change the order of the languages: Select a language, then click on the Move Up or Move Down button. Top position is first preference, next is second preference, etc.
  • To remove a language: Select it from current languages, then click on the Remove button
  • When you have finished: click on the OK button in the Language Preference window, then OK in the Internet Options window
  • Refresh the webpage to see the changed language preferences.
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