2017 Work Climate Survey

Posted on Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Person looking at laptop

The 2017 Work Climate Survey results for Information Technology have been published.

They indicate that Information Technology staff have a strong sense of engagement and are committed to the success of the service. The findings also revealed that we have work to do in some areas, including: 

  • internal communications, particularly between staff and their respective managers
  • work environment (ensuring staff have the tools, equipment and workspaces that are required for their work)
  • diversity and inclusion (as they relate to ethnic or cultural origin, beliefs and religion, disabilities, or sexual orientation).

There will be a series of staff coffee breaks in November and December to discuss the Work Climate Survey. These will be informal, open discussions that various members of our management team will moderate. Staff are encouraged to share their concerns, and more importantly, to look at potential solutions. The ideas and solutions will be compiled and shared once done. The intent is to have an action plan in place by the end of the year so that we can start 2018 on the right foot. 

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