Use High Performance Computing to speed up your research

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2018

HPC news article image

Faculty members and researchers can speed up computing time considerably using High Performance Computing (HPC). HPC is a powerful tool in today’s research work as it allows for large-scale computations of complex systems, big data analyses, or data visualization.

HPC-based systems use thousands of processors, multiple GPUs, hundreds of gigabytes of memory, and terabytes of storage to reduce computing time or tackle larger systems. The large compute clusters are provided by equipment hosted in universities’ data centre. All the clusters available in Canada are all managed by a consortia under the umbrella of Compute Canada.

To start using a compute cluster for your research, you will need to register and open an account with Compute Canada. Detailed information on how to submit jobs, minimize queue wait time, use checkpointing, as well as other resources are available on our website. For assistance using HPC, contact us.

A series of seminars on how to best use HPC and more information will be coming soon on our website, stay tuned!

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