Human Resources, early adopters of Microsoft Teams

Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Phase 2 of the Office 365 project offers University of Ottawa personnel access to collaborative tools, such as MS Teams, OneDrive or OneNote. All other applications, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, are also available online. In February, all the members of the Human Resources sector had Teams installed on their computers.

In a world where the speed of the business and the need to produce results faster and faster require specialized tools, Teams provides a flexible and mobile approach to communication, helping touch-base with colleagues in no time. And the Human Resources team definitely understands the importance of a good communication tool.

“A long overdue, phenomenal tool of the future, and the future is now. Our HR optimization team needs to operate from various locations so a good videoconference tool is essential. We have meetings where one employee is on campus, another at an off-site location and another in a third location. With Teams, our travel time is gone.” states Maureen Castella, Manager, HR Business Optimization.

uOttawa's HR team members on Teams

Maureen Castella (bottom right corner) and her colleagues on a teleconference

“Videoconference features such as those of Teams allow you to read the other participants’ body language while also having that personal connection with your colleague.  You don’t get that if you’re on a voice conference call.” In our current business environment, it is now more than ever necessary for the University to focus on its ability to collaborate with other areas though videoconferencing. Teams can answer this business need.

Teams is perfect for a quick calibration, a follow-up on a project, and for informal communication. A decrease in the number of emails sent has been noticed after adopting the chat feature. You can often  reach people more quickly than by email or phone. “Most of us have it on our mobile phones so we can be reached anytime, anywhere”, adds Maureen.

Enthusiastic about all the features of Teams, she also notes that no training was needed before using the application. It is intuitive and user friendly. The straightforward instructions make it easy to start using it right away.

The next step is getting people to fully exploit the new functionality such as adding team groups and channels. Other faculties and services will have licenses to these applications activated in the upcoming months. Information on how to access Office 365 from mobile devices are on our website.

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