The University’s Information Governance Council guides uOttawa towards a digital future

Posted on Tuesday, August 20, 2019

The recently created University of Ottawa’s Information Governance Council was mandated by the Administration Committee to maximize the institutional value deriving from technological investments and practices while ensuring alignment with the University’s strategic priorities and objectives.

In order for the Council to make decisions and recommendations that are relevant and timely, it relies on its Academic, Research and Administrative Committees. It thus ensures campus-wide transparency on initiatives and projects, while focusing on areas important to the entire University community: learning and teaching, research, and administration.

An important part of the Council’s objective is to offer flexible technologies and optimize the use of digital tools. “To attain this goal, campus-wide collaboration with various stakeholders is paramount. We are looking for their contributions to develop and implement our digital future, explains Martin Bernier, uOttawa’s Chief Information Officer and Chair of the Council. “The Academic, Research and Administrative Committees help optimize our processes and structures to ultimately guide and implement our digital future”.

To stimulate a critical dialogue that leads to better and more informed decisions, meetings of the Council members are held on a monthly basis virtually and in person. Ensuring transparency over its work, processes and decisions, the Council makes available to the community documents, minutes and other important information.

The decisions put before the Administration Committee support the University’s direction for the future. “We look at digital and IT projects and initiatives and make recommendations that align with the University interests and priorities.” Céléste Dubeau, Director of Information Management with the Office of the Secretary-General and member of the Council.

By leveraging a global perspective over the University IT project portfolio, the Council is in a position to make better informed decisions on campus-wide initiatives, while supporting University governance, management and prioritization of IT projects.

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