Important information on Alertus

Posted on Thursday, August 30, 2018

An issue has been recently identified that may affect the operation of University of Ottawa’s alert desktop notification system (Alertus).

Alertus screenshot

Alertus provides University students, faculty, staff, and the community with important emergency information. When installed and activated on a computer, the application displays an alert, a brief

description of the affected area, and the actions to be taken.

To check if Alertus is installed on your computer, go to the system tray on the bottom right. If the icon is red, right-clicking on it will display this error message: OFFLINE! Unable to verify public cert: CRL Expired.

To discard this error message and receive important emergency campus information, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Start Menu.
  2. Click the Power button and select Restart or Log-off.
  3. Once your device reboots, check the yellow Alertus icon in the system tray.
  4. The Alertus icon should confirm the status as “Operational”.

If you don’t have Alertus, why not take the opportunity to install it! Being connected is of utmost importance in case of an emergency. To download Alertus, go to Are You Ready? and follow the instructions.

If you need additional support with Alertus, please contact us.

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