And the nominees are… Administrative Services Modernization Program Change Agent Network

Posted on Friday, December 10, 2021

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Over the past year Information Technology has been focused on enriching the community’s user experience. We didn’t limit ourselves to just technology either. We delivered experiences that enhance the University’s culture and diversity, and people are noticing. See our transformative initiatives that were nominated for the 2021 President’s Awards.

Each year the president recognizes employees who have consistently contributed to enriching the university experience and achieving the institutional strategic plan. Congratulations to the nominees from the Administrative Services Modernization Program Change Agent Network on your outstanding contributions to building the university of tomorrow.

Partnership award – Team Category : Change Agent Network, Administrative Services Modernization Program

The Change Agent Network was created to facilitate change as part of the Administrative Services Modernization Program. With more than 74 participants from across the University, these change agents are the voice of their peers while we move forward with the modernization of an Enterprise Resource Planning system. As the liaisons between the project team and their sector, they act as producers and enablers of change by creating mechanisms to discuss changes and gather feedback to facilitate a transformative institutional initiative. The network is a manifestation of the Program’s motto: People. Organization. Process. by giving the people a platform to make their voices heard.

“These agents are actively involved in change management and provide an ongoing liaison between the Network and the various units (faculties and services) of the University. The contribution of their varied expertise adds significant value to this major initiative and helps ensure the success of the Administrative Services Modernization Program.” Philippe-Thierry Douamba, Director and Chief of Staff, Vice-Rector for Research and Innovation and co-sponsor of the Agents of Change Network.
“The group of employees representing the Change Agent Network is remarkable. Their role in understanding the change and helping to communicate with the organization, supporting the change and making recommendations regarding the deployment of the changes, and managing the people in the organization who will be impacted by the change, is key in a large-scale project like the one we have undertaken.” — Daniel Legault, Executive Director of the University of Ottawa Library and co-sponsor of the Change Agents Network.
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