And the nominees are… uOttawa Women in Innovation!

Posted on Friday, December 10, 2021

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Over the past year Information Technology has been focused on enriching the community’s user experience. We didn’t limit ourselves to just technology either. We delivered experiences that enhance the University’s culture and diversity, and people are noticing.

Each year the president recognizes employees who have consistently contributed to enriching the university experience and achieving the institutional strategic plan. Congratulations to uOttawa Women in Innovation on your Equity, Diversity and Inclusion award nomination and outstanding contributions to building the university of tomorrow.

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion award – Team category

uOttawa Women in Innovation provides a platform for women and male allies in the STEAM community (student, staff, faculty, alumni and private and public sector partners) to create and sustain awareness regarding our profession and foster opportunities through networking and knowledge sharing.

By creating a space for conversations, they are influencing equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) best practices at the University. The group has expanded their community of practice outside of uOttawa, with notables such as Deputy Minister Champion Sarah Paquet, Benchmark Corp. President Luc Villeneuve, and IBM, they are growing the reach of their efforts and introducing the concept of allyship to many.

In the last year, events have been convened to highlight systemic biases, unhealthy norms, and prejudices, and expanded their mandate to include the voices of other marginalized groups. These types of events are giving over 300 members a platform to share and advance bold ideas on EDI in multiple communities.

“It is extremely important to recognize the dedication and efforts that this group has put towards their cause. They are driven by a common vision of providing an inclusive platform for STEAM advocates to create and foster opportunities through knowledge sharing and expanding the community of practice. Everyone works diligently and feverishly towards accomplishments in this worthwhile endeavour,” Nathalie Brunet, Team Lead, Employer and Business Development, CO-OP and careers


  • Martin Bernier, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology
  • Jaipreet Bindra, Business Development Manager, Research
  • Lyne Charlebois, Director, Information Technology, Faculty of Medicine
  • Rajesh Dawar, Application Integration Architect, Information Technology
  • Martin Dubois, Applications Manager, Information Technology
  • Marie-Claude Gagnon, Senior Officer on Accessibility Policy, Equity and Human Rights
  • Cheshita Gooransing, Co-op Student, Information Technology
  • Yoo Young Lee, Head, Information Technology, Library
  • Sophia Leong, Executive Director, External Relations and Internationalization
  • Chinmayee Mahagaonkar, Co-op Student, Information Technology
  • Simon Moreau, Director, Office of Strategic Development Initiatives, Office of the Vice-President of Research
  • Aya Naimi, Co-op Student, Information Technology
  • Astha Tiwari, Business Analyst, Information Technology
  • MaryAnn Welke Lesage, Director, Enterprise Architecture, Information Technology
  • Diana Wittmann, Executive Assistant, Information Technology
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