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Posted on Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The University of Ottawa community benefits from free use of SurveyMonkey. Powerful and intuitive, it facilitates quality data by sending online surveys, questionnaires, forms, or quizzes. And it’s easy to use. It is also secure because all your data is stored in Canada. Follow these three simple steps to capture your respondents’ opinions or to test their knowledge.

Design your survey

Want to send a survey? Use the following best practices for a successful survey:

  • Decide on the goal and objectives of the survey.
  • Choose how you will use and apply the collected data.
  • Use a SurveyMonkey template, or you can build your questions and answers from scratch.
  • Briefly explain the purpose of the survey at the beginning.
  • Use visually appealing material to keep your respondents engaged and to facilitate reading.
  • Use plain language, short sentences for your questions, and straight-to-the-point answer options.
  • Write your questions so that they focus on one concept at a time.
  • Use the same format for all answer options.
  • Use yes-or-no type questions to improve the quality of the data collected and the engagement rate.
  • Design your survey using smart layout and content, being aware that a third of respondents will respond on a mobile device.
Share your survey

Once the survey is created, chose the best distribution channel for our respondents. Did you know that SurveyMonkey has integrated social media, web, and email collectors? Use all of them  and see the data collected by the various distribution channels. You can even share your survey with different collectors for various audiences in many languages (up to 54 languages!).

Analyze and share your survey results

To facilitate results analysis, you can view the data and sort it by trends, individual responses, and summaries. Export your data in various formats or share it via your SurveyMonkey dashboard link. The recipients will have easy access to the reports.

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