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Posted on Wednesday, March 15, 2017

 single interface, uoCampus integration, workflows, multiple formats

Like most universities, uOttawa has been using a combination of commercial and homegrown tools and processes to manage course catalog and curriculum data. Considering that uOttawa offers hundreds of courses, through 340 undergraduate programs and 158 graduate programs, in addition to a multitude of course/program revisions, course management is complex, time-consuming and often labour-intensive. This spring we will introduce a single, modernized and web-based course calendar using an off-the-shelf product called CourseLeaf Catalog.

Course calendars display information about academic programs and courses, and acts as the official source for this information. By using off-the-shelf software, we take advantage of product features, available documentation, and software updates based on industry best practices.

CourseLeaf is an online software solution that allows Strategic Enrolment Management to manage content creation, information updates and publishing of the University course calendar in a more transparent and easy-to-use format. The software will facilitate manual and labour-intensive processes by working in conjunction with uoCampus to harmonize course information with program information. The result is a more dynamic uOttawa course calendar, which is published to our website faster and easier. Once published, the calendar is available for all potential students, current students and anyone else interested in University of Ottawa course offerings.

CourseLeaf features

  • Single interface: Consolidates graduate and undergraduate course catalogs in one single application
  • uoCampus integration: Functions seamlessly with uoCampus to match course data with program data, resulting in a more accurate catalog
  • Workflows: Eliminates and facilitates manual processes through process improvements such as automatic cross-checking, forms and a standardized review process
  • Multiple formats: Generates different formats easily and consistently.
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