Cyber Security Awareness Month is here!

Posted on Monday, September 26, 2022

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Let's ruin a cyber criminal's day

October is internationally recognized as Cyber Security Awareness Month. Considering our increasingly digitized lives, we all need to think twice before clicking on a link or opening an email attachment. Did you know that phishing is the third most common scam in Canada? 

This year, our campaign will focus on simple steps to help you detect and prevent malicious activities online to protect not only your privacy and identity, but also any personal or organizational data that may be stored on your device(s). All month long, we will be sharing practical information and resources to help you protect yourself and the University.

Think of how much information is shared online with banking, government services, tax filing, remote work, distance learning, etc. Even when we work in person, almost all our information, communications and meetings happen online. We invite you to actively participate in this month’s activities, your security online and beyond.

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Discover our topics:


Week 1: You Got Phished!

Find out what to do if we have fallen victim to a phishing attempt:

  • Who to inform when you have been phished
  • Change your password
  • Enable/update your antivirus software 
  • Update your software to the latest version  
  • Regularly backup your data 
  • Report it  


Week 2: Where, why, and how it happens

Learn how to detect phishing emails or text messages by recognizing:  

  • Types of phishing  
  • Phishing trends  
  • Social engineering  
  • Malware and ransomware  


Week 3: Prevention  

Discover the steps you can take to avoid falling into a phishing trap, starting with:  

  • Complex passwords  
  • Password manager  
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)  
  • Regular backups  


Week 4: Putting it all together  

Keep yourself and others safe by sharing your take-aways from Cyber Security Awareness month.  

  • Practice how to detect a phishing attack  
  • Let others know how to prevent phishing campaigns and spread the word  


You can visit the Government of Canada’s Cyber Security Month Website for additional resources. You can also follow, like, and share on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


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