Cybersecurity awareness month: Spotlight on data privacy

Posted on Thursday, October 12, 2017

In Canada, a single data breach results in an average expense of $6.03 million and has the potential to expose over 20,000 records. What steps are you taking to ensure your faculty or service is avoiding this expense?

Data Privacy relates to the efforts we take in collecting, using and safeguarding personal information such as dates of birth, employee numbers, or payment information

For the month of October, we’re celebrating cyber security awareness month by highlighting topics covered in the new Digital Self-Defence online training. Protect yourself and our organization by taking Digital Self-Defence training today.

 Spotlight on data privacy


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Spotlight on Data Privacy

What is privacy?

Data Privacy relates to the efforts we take in collecting, using and safeguarding personal information.1


Why is privacy important?

Personal information is like money.2 It is valuable to cybercriminals and can be used to gather more information about you, take over your online accounts or assume your identity.


Can I get some examples of personal information?
  • Social insurance numbers
  • Payment information
  • Employee numbers


What can I do to safeguard privacy?
  • Look at settings. Review privacy settings for services such as social media and limit the information you make publically available.
  • Protect information. If you collect personal information, make sure it’s protected from inappropriate and unauthorized access on secure systems.3
  • Think twice about the information you share online and the which information you pass along about others.
  • Delete and archive personal information/records that is no longer needed.


How can I learn more about privacy?

Eligible employees can take Digital Self-Defence training for more information and tips about protecting privacy, or visit for security resources.

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