An Enterprise Architect at CANHEIT 2019: apply the diversity lens

Posted on Thursday, July 4, 2019

“Why am I here today talking about diversity and inclusion instead of enterprise architecture? Because I believe in this.”

A strong and bold statement that MaryAnn Welke Lesage, Enterprise Architect at the University of Ottawa used to captivate her audience at CANHEIT 2019.

CANHEIT is a national conference for IT professionals from colleges and universities across Canada.  It brings together Canadian CIOs and IT specialists and this year’s event was hosted by the University of Manitoba in Winnipeg, June 18 to 21.

A very venue dedicated to discussions of a more technical nature, MaryAnn’s presentation in front of her peers carried even more weight. Given the present situation, diversity and inclusion has increasingly become a business issue requiring participation and commitment on all hierarchical levels, especially from those at the top.

The current numbers related to diversity and inclusion in the employment technical field are scary, but steps are constantly made to make improvements. Such measures were seen to strengthen the technical workforce, increase innovation opportunities and thus improve the business outcomes.

At uOttawa, MaryAnn, together with Lyne Charlebois, Director of Information Technology at the Faculty of Medicine, are co-chairing the Women in Innovation group. It provides a platform for women and the men supporting them from the University STEM community – whether staff, students, faculty, alumni, or partners. Women in Innovation will create opportunities to network and share knowledge to ultimately promote the STEM sector.

To find out more about this topic, see MaryAnn’s full presentation. If you want to take part in the Women in Innovation group’s events or share your experience and expertise with them, check out their activities and events on LinkedIn.

women speaking at a microphone surrounded by men and women listening to her

[Photo credit: Mike Latschislaw, University of Manitoba]


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