Fall 2017 IT Reps’ meeting recap

Posted on Tuesday, November 21, 2017

After a long hiatus, on October 26, 2017, the IT Reps met to hear and discuss upcoming IT initiatives and services at the University. The meeting was chaired by Alex Dipietro (Information Technology Manager) and was attended by over 55 in-person participants and 26 online participants. Read on for a brief meeting overview.

Update on Wi-fi and VPN

Khalil Chamoun (Information Technology Manager – Wireless, Cabling, Network, Telephony) and Jean-Ray Arseneau (Information Technology Manager – Identity Access and Security) present upcoming changes to Wi-Fi and VPN services, including: encouraging users to use AnyConnect as a VPN client and decommissioning the old VPN, moving users to the Active Directory and the move to have a single SSID for Wi-Fi on campus. These changes are scheduled to be delivered in Winter 2018 and will offer benefits such as a captive portal for wireless guest access, improved Wi-Fi for events and conferences and easier accesses for users.

IT Reps can be proactive with this change. Staff can already connect through the eduroam ID, and should be encouraged to do so. You are encouraged to use your entire ID (e.g.  jsmith@uOttawa.ca, to ensure easy connection when visiting other institutions). (Download the Presentation)

IT reps meeting, October 2017, Jean-Ray Arseneau and Khalil Chamoun


2017-2018 Initiatives for the IT Service Desk

Jean-François Dion (Information Technology Manager – Service Desk) presented accomplishments, statistics, and 2017-2018 initiatives for the Service Desk. Through the accomplishments of launching the uoCampus-uoZone knowledge base, a new support structure and an improved IT Service Management environment, the Service Desk has seen a normalization in the amount of calls and wait-times at the start of the school year and throughout the remainder of the year. Going forward, efforts will be made to expand the knowledge base, developing a new self-service portal, developing formal Service Level Agreements (SLAs) for the faculties and services, and doing the Learning Centre project with the Library. Jean-Francois ended with a demonstration of the IT Service portal. (Download the Presentation)

Web analytics project and Web search project

Philippe Morin (Application Manager, Corporate Web) presented overviews of the Web analytics project and the Web search project. The latter is a project to offer a replacement for the previously used Google search appliance with SOLR, which will offer a more powerful and meaningful website search functionality that will increase user satisfaction, improve the user experience and provide a more efficient search. The Web analytics project will look at replacing Google Analytics with the more user-friendly Siteimprove. It offers new analytics features and tracking, and is displayed in a user-friendly interface. (Download the Presentation

IT reps meeting, October 2017, participants


Office 365 Project

Alex Dipietro presented an overview of the project. He presented the names of those in the Steering committee and Project team. He noted that a communication to all users would be forthcoming and that a project website was being developed. The changes for users will mostly be in the back-end, with no significant changes to the use interface. Office 365 offers familiarity for users, change that is low-impact, integration with other campus systems and the foundation to deliver new collaboration tools in the future. All Exchange users, including Saint Paul users are included in the project scope. Project delivery will be done with help of an integrator, then a pilot with subset of users, and a progressive rollout to the rest of the community by Spring 2018. Services will be provided through the cloud, and hosted through Canadian servers.

A note for IT Reps, if you have applications that link with Outlook and Calendar) (ex. Applications that may use Exchange to send emails, or that perform scheduling to calendar), please provide a list of these applications to Jean-Francois Billette (Senior Systems Analyst) by the end of November. (Download the Presentation)

Central file server project

Jean-François Billette provided a quick overview of the project to move shared and personal network folders to a new storage environment on physical servers. Because the change will happen outside of regular business hours, there will be minimal impact to users, and will eventually offer improved performance, faster service, a more robust environment and scalability.

A note for IT Reps, if you have a preferred time/date for your faculty/service folder migration, please let Jean-François BIllette know and the team will to their best to accommodate.

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