Firewall upgrade delivers increased security

Posted on Friday, October 2, 2020

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In a quickly evolving technological landscape, a secure network environment is a cornerstone to IT security and a strong infrastructure.  Information Technology recently enhanced the security posture for the University of Ottawa by consolidating and simplifying the institution’s perimeter protection to deliver a more modernized, connected, and reliable solution that is ready to meet the University’s future needs. By upgrading our firewall with a next-generation solution, we can mitigate present and future risks from cyber attackers. 


As explained by Martin Payette, Senior Director of Infrastructure and Operations, “The edge perimeter protection is now optimized to better protect against external threats and deliver a better user experience for our academic community, particularly during this critical time of the COVID pandemic. uOttawa is now in a great position to continue to deliver secure, high-quality internet access.”


We have been able to introduce application-level security controls and increase our capacity to better manage internet traffic. As a result, you will experience improved performance when you are learning, teaching, researching or working on the uOttawa network. This is proving to be particularly important as we continue to work remotely and require secure access to University resources and information. Once we return to campus, this change will be more perceptible as we will be able to access University networks faster and more securely.


This change is part of the infrastructure roadmap and will help deliver cost savings, advance other infrastructure initiatives and strengthen the cybersecurity foundation. Being more connected is a pillar of our Digital Campus Transformation Plan, staying safe a key priority.

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