Five projects transforming IT at the Faculty of Engineering

Posted on Monday, October 25, 2021

Author: Lucien Levreault, IT Director, Faculty of Engineering

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It is an exciting time for IT at the Faculty of Engineering. The pandemic combined with remote learning/working, has contributed to an urgent need to review of all Faculty IT systems and the manner in which we support and deliver services to the Faculty.

Although there are many initiatives underway within IT in Engineering, here is a spotlight on five projects that are transforming our digital environment:

  1. Strengthening our cybersecurity defences
    We are enhancing our security capabilities and ensuring compliance with University IT security policies and industry best practices. This will ensure the technological sustainability of the Faculty’s systems. We’ll also focus on helping our community better understand cybersecurity since they are our first line of defence.

  2. Identifying and implementing modern teaching solutions for faculty
    Through initiatives like Microsoft Azure Lab Services and cloud computing, we are delivering a wider range of tools for teaching and learning. Our newly implemented course on cybersecurity, is a collaboration success story. One of our professors, Faculty IT, and Information Technology completed setup within days and at a fraction of the cost of a traditional infrastructure solution. This is an implementation model that we’ll review and replicate for other courses.

  3. Facilitating remote access to computing lab resources through the portal (Remote Apps and Remote Labs)
    Pre-pandemic, we had a solution for students to use their personal computers for secure remote access to computers and software in the Faculty’s labs. When students began learning remotely, we worked with Information Technology and other partners to quickly enable these environments for staff and students. This solution is still in place, and we continue to maintain and enhance the environments.

  4. Optimizing investments through an IT Service process review
    Engineering IT supports and enables strategic projects outlined in Transformation 2030 that support the Faculty’s mission and vision, and are aligned with the Digital Campus Transformation Plan. By completing a review process, we are ensuring that we deliver maximum value to our students, staff and faculty in the most efficient and economical way possible.

  5. Assembling an IT team, that supports the Faculty’s vision
    The Faculty has a great and dedicated IT team. Plans are underway to ensure that skill sets are up-to-date. We are positioning ourselves to support future IT initiatives (e.g., analytics, cloud technologies, and more). The position of Application Manager was recently added with this direction in mind.

The future looks bright for the Faculty of Engineering. The Engineering IT team looks forward to collaborating with its partners to continue building that future.

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