Get equipped, cybersecurity tools

Posted on Wednesday, October 26, 2016

As cyber risks and threats are constantly increasing and evolving, tools help protect against malware. Stay abreast of new tools and ways to secure your online activities as well as your data and sensitive information. Get equipped with some cyber security tools and follow these easy-to-do tips.

Anti-virus: Computer viruses and malware take advantage of the flaws in the security of your devices. Ensure that you are constantly updating your devices to the latest anti-virus software.

Always check your privacy settings before sharing pictures, posting updates and information on social media and mobile applications. Restrict access to your information by carefully choosing your contacts and limiting your access rules. This will help prevent potential geotag and phishing attacks.

Create secured backups of your sensitive data by enabling passwords and encrypting. These extra precautions can prevent data loss, destruction and infections.

Enable your firewall on your computers, mobile applications and devices. A firewall safeguards all the access points of your devices while you go online.

Use strong passwords to secure your data stored in cloud applications. Although cloud applications are often built with a structured security system, you can also reinforce your data security by using cloud security applications. Examples are BrowserCheck Scanner a security tool that scans the browser and plugins on your device for updates and security settings; and Identity Finder, which scans your data to find sensitive information and then automates protection policies to secure your data.

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