Get to know Chantal Sabourin

Posted on Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Female with blonde hair, wearing scarf, smiling at camera
What is your job title?
    • Chief Administrative Officer, Information Technology
    Ten words or less that describe you
    • Passionate, determined, curious, social, energetic, hardworking and engaged
    What is something significant that you are working on right now?
    • Internal processes and Information Technology budgets
    Favourite place in the world
    • All the oceans
    What's your favourite pastime?:
    • Cooking and gardening
    What's your favourite sport?
    • Americain Football, NFL
    What's your favourite movie?
    • Flashdance
    If you had the chance, who would you like to be just for a day?
    • A CSI (Crime Scene Investigator)
    What would people be surprised to know about you?
    • I love to ride around in a convertible
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