Get to know Frédérique Rivet

Posted on Friday, July 8, 2022

Portrait of Frédérique Rivet

What was your last career change?

My last career change is what brought me to IT! I am thrilled to be working as Digital Communications and Change Management Officer. I was previously working as Email Marketing Strategist for uOttawa’s Office of Marketing and Brand Strategy.

What made it successful?

A very welcoming team and a positive attitude. No one knows everything when they first start in a new role, team, or organization: fact, plain and simple. But if you are happy to learn, grow and explore, you will do just fine. That’s what I tell myself anyway!

What was the biggest challenge in adapting to your new role?

I had been in my previous role for several years. While I was ready for a learning curve, I was still surprised by how incredibly steep this curve was. I’m also a bit of a perfectionist, so letting go of the need to doing things perfectly and making the best impression was hard. 

How can colleagues help someone transition into their new responsibilities?

Patience and kindness go a long way. There is always a learning curve when people take on new responsibilities, and that can be an uncomfortable feeling. I think that being available to answer questions even if there are many at first is one of the best ways to make people feel comfortable and to give them the resources needed to thrive.

What gif or emoticon do you use to express yourself?




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