Get to know Nicolas Rosenfeld

Posted on Tuesday, May 19, 2020

picture of Eric
What is your job title?
  • I am a data and information architect
How do you see your role going forward?
  • I aim to support the team and use my help to stabilize the University in the long term.
In which countries have you lived or which ones have you visited?
  • I lived part of my life in France and I came to Canada in the early 2000s to start my career in the field of Technologies. I have traveled a lot, the list may be too long to be able to list them all ... I invite you to come and talk about them during a meeting!
What is your favourite hobby?
  • I love to have a good time in cafes / restaurants with my loved ones
    I'm a fan of design and advertising 
What is your favourite sport?
  • Squash and kayak
What is your pet peeve? 
  • I hate not learning and indecisiveness; I constantly have to face challenges and make clear choices.
What would people be surprised to learn about you?
  • I am a photographer
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