Get to know Taha Zarrug

Posted on Thursday, October 1, 2020

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What is your job title?
  • Network Analyst
How do you see your role going forward?
  • I see this role progressing to a bigger something bigger. The COVID-19 global pandemic has shined a light on the way we communicate with our colleagues, clients, and vendors, as well as friends and family.  The days of getting up and walking over to a co-worker to ask a question or just simply needing to step away from your desk and have a 2-minute chat with a colleague have been put on hold indefinitely.  Now our go-to means of communication is generally phone, email and chat.  This situation has brought attention to what we take for granted; the technology that just works. 
Where did you complete your studies?
  • Algonquin College
Do you have any professional certifications?
  • I have all of my Mitel training certifications. As for other industry certifications I do not have any, although I have a tonlots of experience working both in the private and public sectors.  
What countries you’ve lived in/visited?
  • Libya, England, Tunisia, Australia, U.S., Cuba, Mexico
Family info you want to share?
  • I have 3 beautiful children (this is where my 10-year-old son will remind me he’s handsome not beautiful) and a loving, patient wife. My family is my world.
What’s your favourite pastime?
  • Spending a fun-filled day with my family.
What would people be surprised to know about you?
  • I have a bit of an entrepreneurial bone in me. During high school, I owned a landscaping and property maintenance company with my brothers for 3 years until my brother took it under his belt and is still up and running until today. Then right out of high school, I had an opportunity and opened up a coffee shop just down the street from the airport for two years. Later, I opened a contracting and property maintenance company with a few friends and then sold it..  My latest venture is reselling overstock and shelf pulls from online retailers and box stores.  All before hitting 40! I guess you can say I’m a busy body and need to be mentally active as much as possible.


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