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Posted on Monday, August 28, 2017

Do you know how to safeguard your passwords? Identify a phishing email? Or protect your identity from being stolen? Don’t become a victim to online attacks! Digital Self-Defence training launched in June and can provide you with the knowledge and tools to ensure you are well equipped and know how to protect not only yourself but also the entire organization against cyber-attacks.

The security of our systems is dependent on our users, employees like you. By taking the training, you help strengthen our defences. This interactive online training is mandatory for all permanent, full-time, non-teaching staff members and can be completed in about an hour.

Thanks to everyone who has already completed the training. To date, 95% of Information Technology staff has completed the training and we encourage faculties and services to complete the training as soon as possible. Every trained staff member is an important addition to our overall defence.

Start the training today and learn how to protect yourself and the University of Ottawa. Be aware. Stay secure.

Five reasons to do the Digital self-defence training infographic


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Digital Self-Defence training is LIVE!

FIVE reasons to do the training

You are the University’s first line of defence in IT security. As a uOttawa employee, you have access to sensitive information relating to academics, research and administration. By taking the training you help strengthen uOttawa’s defences. Be aware. Stay Secure.

  1. Easy-to-access. Really great resources and information condensed into a series of short videos online. Can be completed in about an hour!
  2. Recognize cyber-attacks. Learn more about identifying and reporting attacks.
  3. Increase protection. Use the information to protect the University, yourself and your family.
  4. Learn tricks. Discover some of the best ways to defend against attacks.
  5. Keep uOttawa safe. Your actions have a direct impact on the organization. Learning about threats and safeguarding information improves our defences against cyber-attacks.

GET YOUR CERTIFICATE. Digital Self-Defence training is now available for all permanent, full-time, non-teaching employees. Details: www.it.uOttawa.ca/security/digital-self-defence-training

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