Homes drive for backups and files

Posted on Wednesday, November 23, 2016

By: Jean-Luc Vermette Castonguay

The Homes drive is a network drive that’s attached to your Active Directory account. You can use this drive to make backups of files and just simply transfer your files to the Homes drive if you need to use them on a different computer. By doing this, you won’t need to carry around another external drive to access your drives.

To view my Homes drive

On a Windows computer, you will need to login using your AD credentials (Exchange email account) on the computer you’ll be using. After that, you need to go to Computer to see all the drives attached to that computer. There’s a section called Network Locations, where you’ll see a drive with your username. That’s your own personal network attached drive, only you have access to it. If you’re using a Mac and login in with your AD credentials, it should appear on the desktop as a drive with your username.

To access my drive off-campus

You can access it by using the VPN client (or AnyConnect).

More practical than saving everything locally on my computer

Every file that you put on that drive is backed up twice a day and you can restore those files going back 30 days. You can also access your network drive from any computer on campus. So if your computer dies, you can use another one and access all your files.

What if I can’t see that drive on my computer?

Contact the Service Desk and analysts will be able to guide you through the process to access it.

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