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Posted on Sunday, October 1, 2017

 be aware, stay secure

October is cyber security awareness month. Most cyber breaches in organizations happen due to human error. Do you know how to recognize a cyber-attack? 

Throughout the month of October, we’ll share easy strategies for protecting yourself online, but the best way to protect yourself and our organization?


What is Digital Self-Defence?

Through Digital Self-Defence, learn about the latest online threats and malware and how you can spot and defend against them. The training covers a range of topics that are related to your various roles and responsibilities at the University. Every module you complete makes you stronger and the University more secure. This training is mandatory for all permanent, full-time, non-teaching staff members.

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be highlighting some of the training modules.


Other ways to get involved

  • Share online security safety tips and reminders (such as this message and the messages we share throughout the month)
  • Check out some of the awesome resources and information on the Security page and in the Related links
  • Talk about online safety with your children or family members
  • Print a cyber security tip sheet or poster to display prominently at your workplace or to share with colleagues.
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