Information Technology staff raising the bar

Posted on Monday, July 11, 2022

When people think about those who work at Information Technology, many have visions of individuals with an engineering degree. They start working, eventually finding their way to working for us at the University of Ottawa.

The truth is their backgrounds are diverse, encompassing many fields, scientific and humanities. What is common to these professionals is that they understand that the pace of change society has been experiencing is even higher in IT. In fact, if there is a career that almost guarantees continual change, it’s one in IT. So, it is important to be aware of big drivers of change and how to cope with them, to come up with ideas to harness them to improve the technologies underpinning the University’s technological ape.

But how do Information Technology professionals keep on top of new knowledge, new concepts, new connections to shape and optimize IT endeavors at the University? More than ever, we are looking for ways to offer unique user experiences, optimal IT operations, use best practices to offer best-in-field solutions. Where are the ideas found? There are different ways staff are doing this. Some are working on a Master’s degree to search additional insights, and additional expertise.

Portrait of Deepank Kartikey


Growing up I’ve always been intrigued by the working of computers, web applications, and other software in general. Hence, I decided to pursue a master’s degree because it has helped solidify and gain more knowledge about the field I am passionate about.

Deepank Kartikey, Master of Computer Science (CO-OP) candidate


Portrait of Dominic Wong-Fortin

With a background in electronics, I built my management knowledge through experience during my technical career. My current program allows me to better understand leadership and the business side of management from an academic perspective.

– Dominic Wong-Fortin, Application Manager, Master of Business Administration candidate

When you hear the stories of those who are also doing a Master’s degree, you realize that their motivations are different, the point of where they are in their career timeline is different, their job positions are different but they are all driven, and understand the value of higher education.

Portrait of Iman Javadi


I plan to take the remaining courses and complete my final project in accordance with my career path because working gives me the insight to recognize the fields I can be more successful in.

– Iman Javadi, Master of Computer Science (CO-OP) candidate


And it’s tough. Working in Information Technology is a full-time job for anyone. They need to work hard at maintaining some kind of work-life balance. And the reality is that there are moments where they find themselves juggling. Juggling deadlines, classes, assignments.

Portrait of Sandra Huertas


Think of the 16th second. You must take time out to check in with and appreciate your loved ones.

– Sandra Huertas, Database Administrator, Master of Business Administration candidate


But they persevere because knowledge is so important. Making connections across fields and being able to apply it in the workplace afterward.

Portrait of Myasha Morium Tamanna


The opportunity of being able to work while pursuing a master’s degree has allowed me to gain hands-on experience and learn directly from veterans.

– Myasha Morium Tamanna, Master of Communication (CO-OP) candidate


All things considered, regardless of the program of study, the journey will transform them both as individuals and professionally. As stated in our Digital Campus Transformation Plan, people are at the heart of our strategy. Our most important resource are our people. We are proud of that they are working for us and proud that they are furthering their education at the University of Ottawa.

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