IT infrastructure and services essential to uOttawa Campus Master Plan

Posted on Thursday, February 25, 2016

Facilities unveiled the University of Ottawa Campus Master Plan at the end of 2015. Ambitious in scope, the plan provides a comprehensive framework for future development and initiatives at the University. Facilities consulted Information Technology early in the planning process for recommendations and considerations regarding the University’s IT infrastructure requirements.

Six key elements were retained in the final version of the plan:

  • uOttawa should strive to achieve 100 percent wireless coverage on campus, both inside and outside.
  • The campus may continue to evolve around an Internet of Things (IoT) environment, resulting in an elevated level of building automation.
  • A robust and resilient fibre optic infrastructure will remain a critical part of uOttawa’s network and fibre to the desktop will likely become the norm.
  • The University should consider establishing core fibre rings across the campus to enhance redundancy and reliability.
  • Our physical infrastructure will continue to adapt to changing business needs through software-defined networking (SDN) and through the use of network function virtualization (NFV).
  • Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will begin replacing physical workstations, as well as cloud access to user applications, storage and backups. Remote access from anywhere in the world will eventually become the new reality.

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