Keeping on-campus employees safe: BookIT, A resource booking tool

Posted on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

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When the Information Technology team started working in their new collaborative workspace in Vanier Hall at the start of 2020, no one had any idea that shortly thereafter everyone would be working remotely.  As the pandemic began, we started to look at using our BookIT software as a tool to ensure physical distancing when employees were working in the workspace. We are now using the tool across the University to help ensure that physical distancing measures are followed for employees that need to work on campus during this time. 

BookIT is an off-the-shelf software that helps groups efficiently manage, book, and track physical resources such as desks and office space.  Schedule views and searching tools allow users to find available times for the resources they need and to reserve them through a user-friendly interface.

Through collaboration and consultation with various Faculties and Services we were able to  better understand their business needs, work together to customize BookIT with their physical resources such as offices, desks, shared workspaces, etc.), and rapidly deploy the solution to the Faculties of Arts, Engineering, Medicine, Telfer School of Management, part of Research and Facilities.

Based on the floor plans and Ottawa public health guidelines, the tool is configured to enforce these parameters. The intuitive interface allows users to immediately book available space with very little training.  Built-in Reporting allows management to identify resource utilization and potential problem areas so adjustments can be made easily. “The tool appears to be very intuitive and easy to use. I really like the visual and reporting capability” explained Sylvie Lafontaine, CAO-Director of Business Management with Facilities who worked with Information Technology to expand the use of BookIT.

If you are interested in using BookIT for your own Faculty or Service, you can submit a Service Desk request so we can review your needs. 

Note: Based on the most recent changes to COVID-19-related restrictions, only authorized people are permitted on the campus. Employees are expected to work remotely unless their physical presence is required to maintain operational safety and/or the continuity of operations. Physical distancing rules should apply at all times.

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